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Our collection, designed by graduates of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, consists of wristwatches each of which is designed in line with a unique character trait of one of Mishka’s family members.


Rebecca was Mishka’s loving wife. Mishka and Rebecca were an awe-inspiring couple. Their relationship was astounding and special. They loved to hike and travel together. Together, they raised their children on the values in which they believed. Their children, in turn, passed these values on to the grandchildren, and on to the next generation.


Renata was Mishka’s beloved sister. She accompanied him throughout his childhood as his only sister. As adults, Renata did not immigrate to Israel along with Mishka, although she also raised a wonderful family in Chicago, USA, and remained in close contact with her family in the holy land.


Renata’s daughter, who was Grandpa Mishka’s eldest niece and the one who was fortunate to know him best. They had a wonderful relationship and he loved her dearly.


Grandpa Mishka’s wonderful mother. She was loving, caring and kind to those around her. She is in fact the basis and origin for all of the values on which Mishka was raised and which he made sure to pass on to the entire family.


A close common friend of Grandpa Mishka’s and Grandma Rebecca’s. Because grandpa and grandma were so family oriented, their friends were also very close to them, like true family members. Elena was a very special friend who was very close to their hearts.


Grandpa Mishka’s niece. Lisa is said to have been a wild and adventurous young lady, who enjoyed every minute of life, was extremely active, lived with no boundaries and was a true beauty!


Grandpa Mishka’s nephew. Mark is said to have been a likable and smiling young man whose presence was always felt. Mark was impossible to ignore, especially when he made everyone laugh. He was adventurous and always regaled everyone with the fascinating stories of his travels.


Grandpa Mishka’s father. Christian was a hard-working man who did not shy away from hard labor and was driven by a sense of accomplishment. He was a great lover of fashion, with a style all his own that could not be ignored! He always stood out from the crowd thanks to his special and elegant clothing.


Grandpa Mishka’s nephew. Alexandre was also a carpenter, a man who worked with his hands... His love of wood, similar to grandpa’s, turned him into an avid outdoorsman, who loved to travel and explore... He was well known for being nice and kind-hearted.


Grandpa Mishka’s beloved brother. They grew up together and spent most of their childhood alongside each other. Due to the diverse events that they experience during their common childhood, they both enjoyed a very special relationship with each other, the type of brothers you do not meet every day.


A good friend of Grandpa Mishka’s in the Soviet Union. Michael worked together with Grandpa Mishka for a long time and they had a very close relationship. When Grandpa Mishka immigrated to Israel, their connection was unfortunately severed.

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