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Classic - Black Sandal wood



Each one of our Apple Watch wristbands for day-to-day use is entirely unique.

Made of 100% natural wood, designed to provide the natural look and feel that is so often lost in the modern age.

Compatible with all Apple Watch series and sizes.

* Apple Watch not included.

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Black Sandalwood – Originating in South Africa, this type of wood ranges in color between a dark golden shade to reddish brown with black stripes appearing through the entire tree. This raw material can be shaped into complex creations, despite its high density, which makes it highly prized for furniture crafting. This wood responds extremely well to natural oils and is able to absorb various colors, thereby accentuating its durability.

The fitting and adjusting of our wooden watch’s wristband is done by removing several links from the band.This can easily be done by a watchmaker, or on your own.The package will include several tools that can be used to easily adjust the wristband on your own.Your wristwatch will always be a perfect fit! Watch the training video.

Following your order, you will receive a confirmation of your order in an e-mail from us. Once your shipment is dispatched, you will receive an additional e-mail informing you that the shipment was sent. Our handcrafted pieces of nature will be hand-delivered right to your doorstep. Your order will arrive quickly and efficiently within 2-3 work days after the processing of your payment. Please check the Q&A for additional details.

Our wristwatches come with a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty shall not cover any damages caused by improper use (wristband, coating, external blow or damage).

Moreover, the warranty shall immediately expire if the product is repaired by any unauthorized entity, not certified by Mishka.

What is covered?

The watch mechanism, glass face, battery, water resistance, and wood durability.

The validity of the warranty is dependent upon attaching proof of purchase and the serial number, appearing on the warranty card. Keep in mind – the watches that are waterproof are those models for which that trait is specifically stated.

Classic - Black Sandal wood
Classic - Black Sandal wood
Classic - Black Sandal wood
Classic - Black Sandal wood
Classic - Black Sandal wood
Classic - Black Sandal wood
Classic - Black Sandal wood

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