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So while we are telling you a little bit about ourselves, you should know that the Mishka story began way back in the 1950s...

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Mishka is a brand of wristwatches made of wood, with a background story as fascinating and unique as our actual wristwatches.

So how did it all begin?

In the 1950s, Grandpa Mishka, who was 35 years old at the time, decided to immigrate (”make Aliyah”) to Israel on his own. He left behind everything that was known and familiar to him, culture, language and family. The main thing he left behind was his experience and reputation as a respected carpenter in his homeland. This decision was made from a strong sense of Zionism and a desire to see the next generation grow up in the promised land.

As part of his settling in, Grandpa Mishka chose to live in a small town in northern Israel. In order to make a living, he started to work in a small workshop. Every morning, Grandpa Mishka would put on a different wristwatch. Mishka’s colleagues could scarcely fail to notice the fashionable flair that he had for wristwatches.

Grandpa Mishka was a great lover of wristwatches, which he collected since childhood. All the wristwatches that he owned were different and special. Each unique in its own way, sure to generate attention. The conversation surrounding Grandpa’s special wristwatches facilitated his successful assimilation in the land of Israel, which he loved so much.

And this is how the idea was born. Nice to meet you. We, as Mishka’s grandchildren, decided to establish the Mishka brand of wooden wristwatches in order to perpetuate our grandfather’s love of wristwatches, of wood and of nature, while leveraging his unique and innovative taste.

In the Mishka collection, you will be able to find wristwatches made of the highest quality wood, recycled and organic, suitable for anyone not willing to settle on extraordinary quality and prestige, on a classic design adapted to what is current and modern, for anyone who appreciates handcrafted pieces and enjoys giving something back to nature, which grants us so much.

סבא מישקה


As Grandpa Mishka’s grandchildren, we remember those weekends on which he would take us hiking in the most extraordinary places in the country. Nature, which provided grandpa with the principal raw material in his work, was also an inseparable part of grandpa’s heart. He would always tell us of his great love for nature and emphasize to us how important it was to preserve the environment.

And we took it one step further: All of our wristwatches are made of the highest quality wood, while implementing one of our most cherished values in the creation of Mishka wristwatches – preserving the environment. That is why we use recycled water materials and have made a commitment to provide a fashionable, prestigious and high quality sensation, while adopting a mission intended to secure a greener future.


Minimalist, classic, powerful, strong, elegant, massive. You will obviously select from our selection of wooden wristwatches according to the style that fits you most. We would wholeheartedly recommend to add an engraving on the back of the watch, thereby transforming it from an ordinary wristwatch, into one that is entirely part of you.

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